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Outsource Software Development

Shergroup’s capability in outsourcing has always been built on its own initial exploration into whatever subject it wants to deliver.

Outsourcing software development was in fact our first journey into the world of offshore operations.

In 2003 the UK Government gave us just 6 months to deliver software to meet a change in UK legislation involving our work as Sheriffs.

So we sought out 3 providers – we encourage you always to do that – and one of those was a company in India. They pitched for the business and they just shone out as the company who could provide what we needed.

So a decision was taken by the UK team to outsource the software development to the Indian team and rest is, as the say, history!

The system was delivered on time and is fondly known as SHERPA by Shergroup teams. This unique case management system holds the information on each instruction we get for our UK enforcement business and processes it down a given time line. It also does all the calculations for fees and interest that can be charged and remains head and shoulders above any of the other online case management systems which our direct competition use.

From this significant building block we have been able to create our own software outsourcing company in the form of our Technology Division.

You can read more about the breadth of our capabilities from www.shergroup.net/technology and you can speak to our Business Solution Advisors on
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