Travellers on your Car Park?
You may have seen the recent press in which IKEA came under fire for the way it managed the issue of preventing travellers from entering its store car parks. So here at Shergroup we wanted to address that issue by offering our retail community a range of solutions so they don’t fall into the same hole.

Firstly, when it comes to managing anything to do with unwanted people on land, Shergroup has a history stretching back over three decades. We have worked to remove all sorts of trespasser, from travellers, to squatters and more recently protestors. In fact, you may have seen us clear the site at Finsbury Square in London; we mention this so that you appreciate that when it comes to clearing a car park, it's a relatively easy assignment for a company with our experience.

And when it comes to managing any form of open space to prevent trespassers turning up and setting up camp, Shergroup has a range of solutions designed to implement a security policy so that it works without incurring controversy. From introducing high-calibre security officers, to keeping an eye on things and through to Sherdogs (security dogs and trained handlers) patrolling the perimeters, we offer a complete range of preventive security measures including high-tech barriers and CCTV, and low-tech fencing and concrete blocks.

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