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BE SAFE and BE SECURE – Our Commitment to You and Your Organisation

When it comes to protecting your buildings, your staff and members of the public, you can’t put a price on security – or on the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve got the best people in the private security industry working for you.

Shergroup is a UK company with a heritage stretching back to 1780 in the City of London. Before that we can even track our links back to the ancient office of Sheriff which was created by the Anglo Saxon King Alfred – and which was adopted by William the Conqueror when he invaded Britain in 1066 AD.

Fast forwarding to today we have developed the Shergroup brand to be synonymous with professional service, commitment to clients and innovative thinking.

When we had the opportunity to set up a security operation in the UK we looked for a standard that we could work to as a team to manage, monitor and measure our performance in all aspects of our service. As the security industry is regulated in the UK we were compelled to meet the basic entry requirements of the Security Industry Authority. However we chose to go further and become a member of the Approved Contractor Scheme. This scheme demands adherence to 89 individual standards based on international management accreditations including ISO9001 and the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model.

When choosing Shergroup as your security service provider you can expect the following

  1. We are developing our global Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to deliver security services to the same standard across all our territories. This means our customers can rely on a set of world class integrated standards from the US, UK including international standards for quality and data security.
  2. We monitor and manage our service delivery for our customers and other stakeholders and encourage everyone (including our officers) to give vital feedback on their interaction with the company.
  3. We train our teams to deliver customer satisfaction and added value to an agreed standard both in our operations and back office and front office teams
  4. As leaders in our sphere of operations we are developing and implementing effective management systems that are designed to continually improve our performance
  5. We measure and improve our performance against key customer and consumer indicators
  6. We also measures and improve performance against key indicators on how we support the community and the environment in which we operates
  7. And we set ourselves as a company a high bar of exceeding 89 performance requirements on which we audit and publish our results
What does all this ‘management’ mean for your organisation?

By choosing Shergroup we can help you meet your security obligations in a number of ways including:

Delivering good practice and continuity of quality

Shergroup’s employment practices are executed to the same international standard as our UK parent which means all our officers are background checked and drug tested and are working legally within the United States

Greater flexibility and operational effectiveness

Shergroup has an agile way of delivering a customized security service – integrating people and systems so that our services can be tailored to your precise requirements

Leadership and innovation

Because of our UK heritage and links back to the UK security standards you can be sure that as CEO along with my senior managers we are determined as a company to deliver a customer focused service which is highly responsive to change and we are committed to adopt any new method or working practice which enhances our delivery – integrating the best of the US in our global model

Extending a professional security network

We work with other stakeholders such as local law enforcement and business leaders and we are committed to being Rotarians – as I believe that the connection of social good and good business are a foundation for success


We intend to publish our results when our audits from the UK are completed at the end of this year – so that our new US office sets the standard for how we intend to expand our model security operation to other states and other countries

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