Security Risk Assessments and Security Risk Management

Using industry leading software, Shergroup Security offers organizations a complete system to assess risk and develop a strategy to manage all possible outcomes.

Shergroup Security’s risk assessment solution is used to measure potential risks and other vulnerabilities that allow threats to materialize. By identifying these risks and vulnerabilities, and by introducing safeguards, potential threats and loss are reduced.

Our trained risk assessment experts can produce a report by visiting your location and carrying out a comprehensive risk survey. The findings from this survey are then delivered within 30 days in an online report designed to meet regulatory requirements.

To discuss your requirements or to find out more about what we can do to offer you and your organization an extensive range of security solutions, you can call us at either our UK or US offices.

UK Enquiries +44 845 890 9200
US and Worldwide Enquiries +1 (407) 545 7337
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