Sherbond successfully evicts protestors
Sherbond – the UK’s largest team of high court enforcement officers – has successfully concluded two major evictions which have generated national interest.

The first involved protestors campaigning against the demolition of a former café at a market in London; the second related to tree protestors in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, who were campaigning against the felling of trees on the site of a proposed Tesco store.

Four Sherbond HCEOs attended Broadway Market in Hackney on February 23rd to remove squatters who were trying to stop the redevelopment of the former Francesca’s café site.

And on February 27th, 12 Sherbond HCEOs – supported by 30 officers from Avon and Somerset Police – peacefully escorted 14 protestors from the Shepton Mallet site. A protestor who had previously been camping out in a tree had already left the scene.

Sherbond Chief Executive Claire Sandbrook said: “These were both very successful operations resulting in all the protestors being escorted from the land subject to the High Court Writ of Possession.”

“We work closely with local authorities and landowners, along with the police, to ensure that the sites are returned to their rightful owners, using legal powers granted by the High Court.”

Sherbond ( is part of Shergroup, which employs more than 100 people in the enforcement of debts and possession of property.

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