Claire Sandbrook
Bringing Offshore Expertise to A Client Operation
Collecting Debt Onshore – Insourcing Our Expertise Into A Client’s Office

The Challenge
For a client who had hurdles to overcome in terms of allowing debt to be outsourced offshore for collection, we offered the client another solution. How about bringing our collectors onshore to collect the debt from the client’s own offices? The client readily agreed. They had stacks of debt to collect and needed a fast solution.

The Solution
We identified a team of collectors who were prepared to come to the UK for a 3 month period in the client’s offices. As Shergroup Outsource, we organized their travel, accommodation, visas and insurance and the team arrived ready to go. After only 2 days training on the client’s debt collection system they were ready to hit the floor and start collecting money.

For a period of 3 months they steadily took on board the size of the project and made significant inroads into the debt portfolios which were given to them to collect.

As part of their process they also collated data on their performance which they were able to share with the clients. The production of this data was seen as another benefit by the client to this project.

The Result
The success of the project was defined by the fact that, the insource was able to collect £180,000 and dealt with over 20,000 cases in just 14 weeks. The insource team handled this project with unmatchable efficiency and professionalism and the clients immediately noticed the levels of improvement within a very short space of time.
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