Claire Sandbrook
Data Entry
Developing A Back Office Process To Support New Legislation in the UK

The Challenge
In 2003, The Courts Act 2003, created changes to the way that Sheriffs, or as they are now known, High Court Enforcement Officers, delivered their part of the enforcement service across England and Wales for court judgments.

Shergroup was tasked by the Department of Constitutional Affairs to develop a piece of software which would create a national database for all High Court Writs of Fieri Facias and allow insolvency information to be added to that database as part of a new universal system of management for enforcement information.

Response to The Challenge
The Shergroup team identified the processes that would be needed to deliver a database to capture this information. It then created a web based tool to allow users to record that information either as a single piece of data or as a bulk upload of data.

In addition the database had to record, store and retrieve information about insolvency details. In its first year of operation, the Shergroup team sorted over 100,000 insolvency records, which were scanned, and then sent to the data entry team for input.

Supporting management information was created to support the process to ensure that peaks and troughs in data entry could be effectively managed and that quality of data entry was maintained.

The Result
As a result, in the first year of operation over 100,000 notices were entered on to the system which was named “NICESheriff” with supporting management information.

The system was such a successful operation that in 2006 it was sold as a fully operational system to Registry Trust Limited and is now fully maintained and operated by their inhouse team.
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