Claire Sandbrook
Voice Operations - Debt Collection
Collecting Debt Offshore – Our Greatest Challenge in 2007

The Challenge
As our greatest challenge in 2007 we wanted to show that we could build and deploy our own Debtor Services Team with highly trained collectors, collecting debt from the general public in the UK under the banner of our Sherforce High Court Enforcement brand.

To support the challenge we would need to build an entire process including management information, training and auditing processes as well as an infrastructure on our network which could manage the collection process at the highest possible standard.

The Solution
In 2007 we moved our pilot operation from a third party provider into our own facility as part of our offshore corporation, Shergroup India Pvt Limited, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shergroup Limited.

Shergroup invested in the initial debt collection training from Orbit Services based in Leeds and from this has grown the infrastructure of the team as it is today.

On the IT side we have a fully managed branch network to our UK network based in our offshore facility. Collectors work on UK phone numbers using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology with supporting systems to for call management and call recording.

The Result
Today our initial project has grown into offering pre-legal and post judgment collections, as well as collecting debt for the Sherforce brand.

Currently the amount collected through this offshore facility is £16,000,000.
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