Claire Sandbrook
Back Office Administration - Legal Process
Legal Process Outsourcing ("LPO")

The Challenge

Nothing comes more complicated to the desk of a debt recovery practitioner than drafting the age old Writ of Fieri Facias (Fi Fa) and so the decision to ship this process offshore in 2005 was one which needed a steady hand on the tiller.

Claire Sandbrook as CEO of Shergroup was determined to show that her offshore teams could cope with the complexity of preparing Writs in a daily volume. Having worked with Writs of Fi Fa all her working life, Claire had a strong belief that if this process could successfully be moved offshore then even more processes could follow. In 2004 she created an internal project called “Project Taj Mahal” which was aimed at demonstrating to her internal teams that the vision of offshoring key Shergroup processes could succeed.

The Sheriffs Lodgment Centre® or SLC as it is known to its clients receives requests from creditors holding a domestic court judgment or a judgment from Scotland, Northern Ireland or overseas.

The creditor wants to enforce the court judgment against the debtor to ensure payment. The Sheriffs Lodgment Centre service is in effect a clearing house for all types of judgment and will help creditors to ensure they understand the English and Welsh system of enforcement. Sounds simple, until you begin to appreciate just how different judgments can be!

The Solution
Essentially over a period of years the process has evolved and today the work carried out ten years ago to map the process of enabling creditors to engage with the English and Welsh system of enforcement means there is very little business that falls outside normal business. So in short the process now looks like this:
  • All the input of data from judgments received by the Sheriffs Lodgment Centre team is carried out in our offshore facility whilst being supervised by onshore managers
  • The offshore team retrieve all the judgment information in the form of scanned images from the UK office, and then categorise the data to be entered
  • Once this has been done the data entry team begin the process using the specialist web-based software
  • Once input the data is cross-checked and anomalies are sorted out with the onshore team
  • Checks to verify the data have also been introduced into the process including using Royal Mail software to check the addresses
Process Manuals have been prepared to ISO9001 standards of quality standard.

A quality control process has been designed to ensure quality and integrity of data within strict service levels, setting an acceptable accuracy standard of 97.00%.

The Result
The result of all this activity has been that today the Sheriffs Lodgment Centre® produces consistent quality of legal processing information to a 97% standard across all quality indicators.

The entire process is also audited to ISO9001 standards of business process.
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