Claire Sandbrook
Managning Customer Communications
Sherforce Communications In 2004 Shergroup's enforcement brand, Sherforce, was creaking at the seams with communications from clients. It was suffering from severe delays in responding to those communications and needed to design a robust system to manage incoming communications and outgoing responses whether by mail, fax or email.

The Challenge
The type of communications which Sherforce must handle takes a variety of forms and can create the need for very individual responses.

The challenge was compounded by the numbers of communications and the need to deliver a response quickly to the clients.

The Solution
  • To start with all the different types of category of communication had be understood, mapped and documented. Each type of communication created its own set of outcomes
  • Once all the processes were understood it was necessary to define all the accompanying process documents, as each communication created a different type of response
  • The process for each type of communication then needed to be documented and included in the overall Sherforce Operating Process Manual. From this Manual team members have been trained and new and improved ways of working have been developed
  • All types of incoming communications into Sherforce are now logged, and all responses to any piece of post are recorded
  • Communications are batched by category and worked in a systematic process to ensure maximum productivity from team members
  • A communication which needs a non-standard response is escalated to a more experienced team member so as not to cause any delay in the handling of standard communications
  • Any post which cannot be actioned is returned to the manager for evaluation and review. Constant training on the various types of communication means today very little post cannot be answered by team members
  • As part of the entire communications management process, quality control processes are designed to ensure quality is maintained and the integrity of the system is achieved within self-imposed strict service levels
The Result
As a result, Sherforce has been able to achieve an impressive score on turnaround times in responding to all its communications thus quickly disposing of cases, and giving clients an unparalleled level of service in the court system. Currently 95.75% of communications are handled within a service level turnaround of 24-48 hours.
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