Claire Sandbrook
Quality Control
Shergroup, through its Sherforce brand provides online services allowing clients to view details of the visits made by Enforcement Officers. Shergroup has 25+ Enforcement Officers who are spread across England and Wales, as well as agents working for Sherforce Plus in the rest of the UK and a growing European contingent of enforcement agents.

The Challenge
The Enforcement Officer network creates upwards of 200 reports a day which need to be reviewed for quality before being published on the SHERPA system. It is critical to ensure that all the reports created within SHERPA meet the quality and accuracy standards which we have imposed on our Officers by listening to the needs of our clients.

The Solution
A framework was developed on what would and would not be accepted in terms of reporting standard. A team of experts was created to quality control each report to the devised standard and to reject any report falling outside agreed parameters. The framework on quality continues to evolve with a clearly defined audit system for quality control team members along with an audit capability to manage inputs from Officers

The Result
As a result, quality scores for reports now stand at an impressive 97%.
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