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About Shergroup
Shergroup has evolved from its unique legal heritage as Sheriffs in the City of London (now called High Court Enforcement Officers) to become an innovative and forward thinking provider of business solutions services across the world.

For over 200 years, businesses in the UK have chosen us to secure their most valuable assets – their people and their property.

As a company we have built on this heritage to now see our brand emerging as a global player in delivering a range of solutions which combine proven process with ingenuity and a desire to exceed the customer’s expectation.

By building on our hard earned reputation, we have expanded our business horizons to deliver outsourced business services to customers across the world. We benchmark our service delivery against international standards and in so doing we ask the question “can we deliver this service to a higher standard than anyone else?”

As we move our business forward to new territories we have been able to demonstrate that we are keener and more resourceful than our competition, and that we deliver what our clients want, when they need it, at a service level which meets their requirement – not ours!

In December 2011 we were able to realize one of our strategic goals of opening our US office in Orlando, Florida. In just 18 months we have become one of only six outside vendors to provide outsourced security services to Walt Disney World. We also include the Hilton and Sheraton hotel brands in our client portfolio.


For the purposes of the UK Business Names Act 1984, please note that Shergroup Limited has its registered office at 1 Fetter Lane, London, EC4A 1BR, United Kingdom, or to DX 44 LDE/Chancery Lane and is registered under Company Registration Number 04771589.
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