Claire Sandbrook

Virtual Employees for Your Very Real Business

How does shergroup "solutions" work?

If you are looking for more staff for your organization then why not try one of our handpicked “virtual employees” for your very real business.

We can completely relate to the challenges every business has of finding, recruiting, and training staff with the skills and the attitude you need to get the job done.

So instead of trying to find the perfect match in your home town, city or state, why not come and browse our selection of talented individuals who are ready to work for you in a matter of days.

From programmers and techno-savvy people, through to web designers, online chat specialists, back office administrators and trained accountants, we have a superb range of virtual employees ready to start work for you just as soon as you need them.

Our sign up process is simple for both our clients and our virtual employees and resources can be hired in a matter of days.

Pure Luxury - Your Own Virtual Software Team
We know all our clients want one – and now you can with Shergroup’s virtual employees specialising in the IT space.
Build Your Own BPO Communication Management Team
In today's world of growing business communication with instant responses expected to texts, emails and social...
Establish Your Own Skilled LPO Team
You may have thought that outsourcing your highly skilled legal work to an offshore Legal Process Outsourcing...
Client Vibe
Don't take our word for it – see what our client’s think of our virtual staffing service!
If you think we did a good job please drop us a line so we can publish it for the benefit of more people who need to enforce their judgment or court order...

Is Managing Your Website Giving You a Headache?
Do You Need A Back Up
Create Virtuality in Your Business With BPO Professionals
Build what we call "virtuality" into your own back office services by using Shergroup's virtual employees to create business continuity and resilience in your very real business...
Find More Accountants Than You Will Ever Need
Calling all accountants and finance focused businesses. We have virtual employees ready to start work for you and deliver excellence in any business accounting service...
Let Your Inner Web Designer Out!
At Shergroup we know the power of websites and we enjoy having our own team of web designers who create fabulous websites for our company...
Virtual Voices In Your Business Mean Real Business
If you struggle to find good people to do your lead generation, telesales or general voice operations then look no further than our handpicked virtual employees who are...
Make Your Next Assistant A Virtual One!
Are you stuck in hiring a virtual assistant?

Well the challenge of finding the perfect fit for your needs...
Virtual Employees are Always Smiling!
The great thing about Shergroup's Virtual Employees are their "can-do" attitude and willingness to pitch in and help. We call it the “Shergroup Smile”. Read more
Organize Your Own Virtual HR Department
We all know that as our businesses get bigger we need support when it comes to managing the expectations of our most important asset – our people.