Claire Sandbrook

Let Your Inner Web Designer Out!

At Shergroup we know the power of websites and we enjoy having our own team of web designers who create fabulous websites for our company.

And now you too can have your own virtual web designer, or indeed a whole team of web professionals, who work remotely to create and deliver web designs, and loads of other creative material to promote you and your business.

You pick the person or people who display the skills you need. Ask to see their portfolios of finished work and interview them just as if they were sitting in your office.

And why stop at website design? Our candidates can fulfill all the roles you need to cut the cost of using external consultants including:
  • Digital Advertising and email blasts
  • SEO development and tracking
  • Pay Per Click promotions
  • Facebook and Twitter Designs
  • LINKEDIN brand and personal brand presence
  • Wordpress and blog development outsource
To get your creative juices flowing why not create an entire team of virtual employees who will relish the opportunity to promote your business. To look at the profiles of the people you need call us now on :

+44 (0845) 890 9220 UK Enquiries


+1 (407) 545 7337 US and Worldwide Enquiries
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