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Over ten years ago, Shergroup's CEO, Claire Sandbrook, started looking at how she could leverage the idea of globalization to create an international team of employees around the world to deliver services in the Shergroup brand.

Fast forward one decade and Shergroup is now creating its own staffing agency to help our client businesses connect with talented people to work in either traditional or virtual roles.

For our client employers this means they have access to more and more candidates who have the skills they need to deliver the job with a perfect skill set.

Our experience enables us to help choose candidates who have the skills, the personality, and the tenacity to make a job work for both themselves and their new employer.

And as a business involving in offering different solutions, we understand the true cost of an employee is higher than just the salary and the tax payable on the monthly pay. The cost that hits the bottom line of any business includes the cost of a person’s seat, IT, heat, light, internet, operating system, telephone and vacation time and sick pay.  So we think if we could show you some options on avoiding some of these costs then for certain roles you might be interested in those sorts of savings.

When you use our service, you are not just tapping into a team of recruiters who want to find you a candidate. Instead you are joining forces with a business solutions team who are looking to get you a great overall deal in terms of filling a place which works for you and your new hire in a number of ways to reflect the changing workplace dynamic.

We look forward to working with you and getting to know your business so that we can pass on our experience and savings to more business owners around the world. 
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