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Your Very Own Custom Web Site Design Company

We see websites like shop windows – windows to your goods and services where you have to entice your customer to come in and browse your wares and engage with you in the sale or supply of information.

As a result of this change in commerce, web designing is gaining more and more importance. We all know it is a highly effective method of advertising with significantly lower costs attached than more traditional methods and unlike offline marketing and advertising methods, your specific target audience can be reached more readily than ever before.

So it’s essential when the visitor lands on your website they can follow your messages to come to the ultimate outcome – they buy more from you or use you as a trusted source of information.

If properly visualized and designed, your website can allow your potential customers to understand your business within seconds – just as if they had walked past your “bricks and mortar” shop or office.

So where do you get all this great website design and insight from?

Well at Shergroup Technology we like to think of ourselves as your very own website designing company. We offer website design services that create your personalized shop window with fantastic displays designed in the most creative and appealing way.

By choosing Shergroup Technology as your outsourcing web site design company, you are choosing a company which blends your process for sales and information with technology and expertise to develop effective web sites where customers spend more time getting to know you and what you do and buying from or engaging with your organisation.

As a custom web site design company, our process for designing your new website starts with creating a “design board” in which we pull together all the current information about your brand, your marketing and your aspirations. We can either start from scratch to design you a new brand, or take your existing website and re-design this into a new and exciting theme.

Using the design board our designers build up a low tech version of your website which you can easily collaborate on – adding in your own text and images so that “inner designer” in you gets a chance to be part of this highly creative process.

As we create your design board in Microsoft PowerPoint (which you get to keep) we create your website and online process. We can turn out websites in a matter of days or craft more in-depth sites as a longer project. We fit the design brief to your budget and timetable.

Throughout the entire process we keep you fully updated and deliver a first class web site design that you helped to create!

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