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Facebook Application Development Company

With over 57 million active users and a staggering 250,000 new registration registrations every day, the number of people with Facebook accounts is doubling every six months!

We believe at Shergroup Technology that every business should look to have a Facebook page followed up with a Twitter feed and LINKED group.

And when it comes to social networking and marketing, Facebook is definitely the “Big Daddy” of all the sites you will need in your social media program.

It’s not just fashionable; we believe Facebook is now part of our everyday personal and business lives where we see new products as part of our daily check in with friends, family and colleagues.

And there are plenty of reasons to back up our theory! Facebook is the leader in social networking sites around beating other “pretenders to the throne” by being larger in terms of traffic than the second, third and fourth rankers combined!

The site’s Representational State Transfer (REST) interface gives it better commercial viability than any other average social networking site available and apart from that it’s cool to have a Facebook page!

In fact Shergroup Technology sees Facebook Application Development as the way to create a one-stop online shopping platform for millions of potential new customers.

Our belief is based on the excellent technical makeup of the Facebook brand and the recent subtle and significant developments marked by Facebook’s acceptance towards integration of third-party e-commerce applications with its interface. We can equip your Facebook profile with industry-specific and secure solutions that offer a consistent shopping experience to all your customers.

Keeping up with our tradition to master nuances of the avant-garde in the evolving IT arena and help our clients to benefit from the same, we extend our clients the opportunity to be among the firsts to open their online stores inside Facebook.

Using Shergroup Technology as your own personal Facebook App Development Company you will be working with developers who understand the Facebook Query Language (FQL) and Facebook Markup Language (FBML).

Our expertise in Facebook third-party application programming allows us to offer highly creative, quality-assured and cost-effective e-commerce solutions for integration within Facebook in the quickest possible turnaround time.

We combine our expertise in the development of dynamic, robust and secure e-commerce applications with our experience as a Social Media Marketer. We understand the reach and effectiveness of social media sites like Facebook so that we can create, devise and deploy groundbreaking Facebook e-commerce applications.

Our Facebook Development applications are customized to work seamlessly and function as a complete storefront inside this leading networking platform.

From product selection to making online payment via inbuilt payment gateways, our e-commerce solutions are developed to offer visitors a complete shopping experience – without being swayed across to other third-party locations.

If your business wants to benefit from the huge population of prospects visiting Facebook on a daily basis then Shergroup Technology e-commerce application development specialists are geared up to help you.

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