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Why do you need a custom iPhone app?

Why wouldn’t you! Let’s face it anyone you want to do business with has a handheld device and your sales strategy is to get your product or service into the palm of their hand – quite literally.

So an iPhone app for your website, promotes you to your customer on a device which is easily and accessible for them to use at home, at business, and on vacation. That just tripled the number of opportunities your customer gets to see your brand – they don’t have to be in the office anymore to buy from you.

Apps are cool, and they enhance your reputation as a forward thinking organisation who can engage with its audience at any time of the day or night on any part of the planet.

We also happen to think that the Apple brand is the leader in design in the world of mobile application development.

The utility of an iPhone as well as its increasing popularity are absolutely undeniable. Experts predict further upswings in iPhone's sales which are only going to mean one thing – more iPhone apps are needed by iPhone users!

So here at Shergroup Technology where we love the iPhone application development we are creating a leading team of iPhone SDK application developers to deliver your next big app idea.

As part of our specialist application development services our iPhone application development team we can create apps which make your business or organisation even more relevant to your target audiences.

Our programmers and designers have in depth knowledge of the OS framework, Mac OS X framework and iPhone simulators.

We are proficient in building iPhone application related to:
  • Office and business applications
  • Multimedia application
  • Internet applications
  • Games
  • Utility applications
  • Fun applications
  • Language conversion
As professional iPhone developers we have developed our capability in delivering the best iPhone application programs. Our iPhone application developers closely analyze various features, such as user events, memory, network activity, graphics and the file activity of your iPhone to deliver the application program you need.

Technical Download

To help our vast clientele based in the USA, UK, and Middle East as well as our growing presence elsewhere on the planet, we stay updated with the best and the most latest technology by harnessing the experience of developers for the benefit of our client’s needs.

We have hands on experience in using objective C with Xcode, iPhone SDK 3.0/ 4.0 and Cocoa framework for iPhone application development.

Our strength lies in design and development of applications that seamlessly integrate with iPhone 3G environment.

Our premium-quality customized iPhone application solutions come with a promise of:

Seamless integration with of iPhone OS architecture

Interoperability with iPhone's diverse functionalities. Whether it is multi-touch interface, accelerometer, proximity sensor and GPS or other such advanced features of this smartphone

iPhone application programs developed by Shergroup Technology

We develop application programs that can interact with other iPhone software to enhance its performance. Our professional iPhone application programmers create web-interactive applications which help iPhone to quickly connect with websites and online database.

We can also convert J2ME and flash application to supportive environment with your iPhone. Our iPhone application programs come with user friendly interface and 2D & 3D graphics.

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