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Custom Software Development Company

Shergroup came to India to build software and we just haven’t left! Since 2003 we have been building and developing our core in-house system aptly named SHERPA which carries data between our operations and customers.

So it was only natural that we channel all our expertise into building a software development company that we could support and which developed services in the way we wanted them delivered – simply and easily!

We know how difficult it is to find a software professional so now don’t bother looking further than our virtual team who can become YOUR team when it comes to software development.

We provide custom software development services which when combined with our mobile and web functions give our customers an all-round technology experience.

Our team is now your team and comprises young, energetic and skilled professionals covering different specialties to deliver on your next software project.

The team at Shergroup Technology is well versed in all the latest tools and technologies to develop solutions which will give YOU an edge over your competition.

With Shergroup Technology, custom software development is within reach of the smallest business wanting to harness the power of the web to build a brand or a business.

Professionals working at Shergroup Technology are capable to meet even the most difficult and complex requirement within a given budget or timescale.

Software development process:

Shergroup Technology has developed a state-of-the-art working model that enables the company to find the best possible solution for even the simplest requirement.

Just as we design websites on a collaborative design board with our clients, we also design new software to follow a pre-agreed process including:
  • Pre-build market evaluation
  • Sourcing the most up-to-date technology
  • Analyzing the client’s requirement
  • Creating a collaborative design board for achieving the target of solution
  • Implementing the design
  • Quality checking the solution
  • Executing the solution on the desired platform
  • Maintenance and bug fixed
  • Delivering all this in a secure environment
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