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Website Maintenance Services

If you are reading this section of our website you are probably looking for a team to offload your website maintenance on! The best reason for outsourcing the maintenance of your website is to save time and money. We all need more hours in the day and making sure your website is kept up-to-date can become a chore rather than an enjoyable business task. The good news is that there are some real benefits to using Shergroup Technology as your outsourcing partner which we want to share with you so you can get on with growing your business – not trying to grow your website!

Reason #1 – Outsource Your Content Creation

The search engines love it when you add value to your website through quality, regularly updated content. The question is, do you have enough time to add new blog posts or site pages on a regular basis. Most of us are too busy working on our business to actually spend the time to write blog posts that can typically be around 500 words long. Indeed websites that fail to update their content will often move down the search engine rankings as other sites, ones that have new content, move above them. New content added on a regular basis can have a massive impact on your search engine rankings and a good outsourcer can keep your site up to date using latest industry news that is rewritten to be unique or news from your business that you have briefly explained.

Reason #2 - Social Media

Engaging in social media such as Facebook and Twitter is now a must for your business. Regular tweeting and Facebook updates give you a way of reaching out to potential customers that you normally would not be able to reach. Even though we can tweet and send Facebook updates via our mobile phones, it is still a time consuming chore. By outsourcing your website social media you can have regular tweets sent out and responded to and also Facebook page updates and management. We can also help you to grow your Twitter followers and Facebook fans which have the obvious benefit of getting your information out to your target customers in a quick, easy and fun way.

Reason #3 - New Features

Keeping up with new features on the web is a full time job. Whilst you may not want to be a web “fashionista” new features are evolving all the time that enable you to have a better and more optimized website. A good example of this is HTML5 and CSS3 which both offer new features for web designers to make your website faster and more accessible to all. By employing a website management specialist you can get the new features added to your site without the need for radical redesigns that can cost a lot of money. A good website management specialist will suggest things that you can do to improve your site without you having to keep up to date with all the latest trends yourself.

Reason #4 - Search Engine Optimization (Seo)

As well as the new content, your search engine optimization needs to be regularly worked on in order to get you high up the rankings and also to keep you there. New inbound links need to be generated and on page search engine optimization needs to be worked on consistently in order to get the best results. Whilst the basics of SEO can be quite easily understood, the more complex things require a far more skilled approach. Having the resource of an SEO professional means that your site can always be up to date with the latest search engine information and you can achieve the highest rankings. Higher search engine rankings typically mean more site visitors and more site visitors mean more opportunity to sell your services and products.

Reason #5 – Understanding Analytics

There is a skill to understand who visits your website and why they do so that you can optimize your site according to the needs of your visitors. This in turn can have a significant impact on the amount of visitors that you have and also whether or not you can convert them into paying customers. At Shergroup Technology we can offer you a skilled technician you can interrupt your website performance and report to you on those all-important “keywords” to take your website up the rankings. Your website analytics, such as Google analytics, provide an invaluable insight into your website and the people who visit it. Again, do you have the time to go through Google Analytics and work out the best strategy when you can leave it to a skilled Google analytics expert who will pinpoint exactly what you need to do? Rather than just staring at some graphs yourself and trying to guess what is happening, employ someone who knows what to look for and who can save you valuable time.

Reason #6 – Security And Backups

And finally do you know if your website is safe from hackers and spam? What would you do if your site was hacked or you lost valuable information from your website? Do you feel confident that your site has been backed up regularly? If you have someone managing your website you can arrange for regular backups to be completed as well as regular security scans. These are often things that you could forget to do yourself leaving yourself open to failure. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the confidence in your site that whatever happens, someone is there to fix the issue and get your website up and running as soon as possible?

So in a nutshell here are 6 outstanding benefits of outsourcing your website management to Shergroup Technology. Why wait any longer? Contact our Business Solutions Team today for a discussion on how easy it is to engage your own web technician who can take care of any of these 6 reasons. We are ready to take your call on:
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