Wherever you need us we’ll deliver
It doesn’t matter where you want a debt collected from – Shergroup has enforcement staff throughout England and Wales ready to help.

On a recent trip to Newcastle its enforcement division, Sherforce, collected £2,500 from an affluent debtor in the beautiful Cheviot Hills countryside.

It was the second visit made by the firm’s northern Enforcement Officer and when he arrived at the debtor’s home he found two cars – one in the garage the other on the drive.

After checking the number plate of the car in the garage Sherforce established it belonged to the judgment debtor and was free of finance agreements.

Unless there was payment from the debtor that morning Sherforce was ready to remove the car. By parking in front of the garage door the officer prevented the debtor reversing out and dashing off up the country lane.

Eventually, the debtor came to the door and after discussion our Enforcement Officer asked the debtor to pay up or lose the vehicle.

The debtor agreed to find the money and drove to the bank in his second car returning with £2,500 in cash.

Claire Sandbrook, chief executive of Shergroup, said: “It didn’t matter that our client’s debtor was at the other end of the country – to get there from our offices in Braintree is easy thanks to low-cost air travel, and a determination by Shergroup to counteract carbon emissions by serious recycling in the offices.

“We like to call ourselves ‘Enforcers of a Green Tomorrow’ but we have to recognise that enforcement can’t work without visits and that inevitably means officers in cars driving around the country to enforce our clients’ judgments.”

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